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Captivating city istanbul has been the center of different civilizations for centuries. In very few geographies around the world, you come across a city with such a deep mosaic of culture. The history of this city is as magnificent as it self.Catch  Hotel in the heart of Istanbul … It is very close to many historical sites and the most popular spots in Istanbul… You can easily visit the area without traffic problems. As soon as you enter our hotel, which is a combination of elegance, quality and history; You feel the fabric of the past. The difference in the feeling of experience invites you to unique emotions. Sometimes it leads to the grey memories of the past, sometimes you experience the old medieval smell in your marrow. Catch  Hotel, which has 8 separate blocks and 32 rooms and consists of the restoration of rich historical buildings, has been opened to its guests by preserving the nostalgic istanbul spirit in every detail. Catch  Hotel comforts await you in the city.

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